2015, Ann G. Wylie Dissertation Fellowship from University of Maryland Graduate School (5%)

2014, Graduate Student Excellence in Research Award from Department of Geographical Sciences, UMD

2013, Jacob K.Goldhaber Travel Grant (Univ. of Maryland), SilviLaser2013, Beijing, China 

2012, Jacob K. Goldhaber Travel Grant (UMD) to IGARSS2012 in Munich, Germany

2010, Student Travel Grant American Geophysics Union fall meeting at San Francisco, USA

2009-2013, China Scholarship Council (CSC) sponsored scholarship for PhD study in US

2009, Outstanding Graduate, Beijing Normal University (10%)   

2008, The Academic Scholarship of Beijing Normal University (10%)

2007, 1st prize in Aerobics Collective Game of Beijing Normal University

2007, The second Runner-Up Student Paper (in Chinese) of GPUC 2007

2006-2009, Graduate Fellowship of Beijing Normal University

2006, Admission to Graduate School with National Graduate Entrance Examination Waiver

2006, Outstanding Graduate of Wuhan University (10%)

2005, Wang Zhizhuo Innovative Scholarship (0.33%)

2004, The Academic Scholarship of Survey and Mapping (5%)

2003-2005, 1st class Scholarship of Wuhan University (5%)

2003-2005, Award for Outstanding Student, “Society Active” honor of Wuhan University (5%)