Xiangqian Fu

Xiangqian Fu

Doctor , Associate Professor
Research: 流体机械
Email: fxq027@126.com


  Name:Xiangqian Fu

  Gender: male

  Birth date:1972.7

  Degree: Doctor

  professional qualifications: associate professor 

  E-mail: fxq027@126.com

Academic qualifications and work experience

  1.1991.9-1994.7 Studied in the Hunan Water Resources and Hydropower College.

  2.1994.9-1997.7 Sinohydro Bureau 8co., Ltd.

3.1997.9-2003.7 Studied in the School of Power and Mechanical Engineering.

Ph.D. in Engineering, Wuhan University, 2003

4.2003-   School of Power and Mechanical Engineering.

Major Research Direction

Fluid machinery fault diagnosis,Hydraulic Machinery transition process and its control.