Fang Yan

Doctor , Lecturer
Research: 英语语言教学

1.Graduated from Wuhan University as a undergraduate and a postgraduate, majoring in English Language and literature; then obtained the doctor’s degree from Wuhan University in 2011, majoring in Educational Economics and Administration

2. Participated in many key research projects and youth foundation programs, published several academic essays, co-edited 7 textbooks and other books, and published a monograph by Wuhan University Press in 2012

3. Obtained the Excellent Performance Award for Undergraduate Teaching of Wuhan University in 2018

4. Presided over the MOOC Project entitled An Introduction to English Society and Culture in 2018, with more than 70,000 people learning it on the Chinese MOOC Platform; Carried out the Blended Learning Mode of both the online MOOC and the offline flipped classroom activities for undergraduates and postgraduates who had chosen this course; The MOOC was recognized as a First-rate Undergraduate Course for Colleges and Universities in Wuhan by the Department of Education of Hubei Province in 2021.

5. Experienced in English teaching for almost 20 years, and instructed many students to be the outstanding winners or won the first prize for nationwide English Speech, Reading, Writing and Translation Contests

6. Now act as a member of the Sino-British Belt and Road Humanistic Exchange and Academic Research Group of Wuhan University