Deng Changhui

Deng Changhui

Master , Associate Professor
Research: 语言课堂研究,话语分析


Name: Deng Changhui ( female, member of the Communist Party of China) 

Title: associate professor and master student supervisor in School of Foreign Languages and Literature, Wuhan University.


Sep. 2000 --- Sep. 2001,  a visiting scholar in University of Nottingham in England, focusing on language instruction and discourse analysis;

Sep. 1988 --- June 1990, a postgraduate in Hangzhou University, majoring in British and American Literature;

Sep. 1984---June 1988, an undergraduate in Hubei University, majoring in English.

Working Experience:

Public English teaching in Wuhan University since 1990.

Teaching three courses: College English, Graduate Englishand Comparative Analysis of Chinese and Western Folklore.

Academic achievements:

1. June 2011, Oral Business English (Second Edition), Chief Editor, Wuhan University Press.

2. June 2012, English for Cultural Communication -- Practical Handbook for Students, Associate Editor, Wuhan University Press.

3. Sep. 2013, Approaching Fiction, Second Editor-in-Chief, Wuhan University Press

4. Sep. 2013, the university-level teaching-reform project JG2013008: Foreign Language Teaching under the Guidance of Performed Culture Pedagogy, Project Leader, finished in April 2017.

5. May 2016, A Critical Evaluation of the Theory and Practice of Performed Culture Approach, included in Intercultural Communication and English Language Teaching -- Practice and Prospect, Wuhan University Press.

6. July 2017, Dilemmas and Approaches to College English Teachers' Professional Development, Wuhan University Education Research, Wuhan University Press.

7. Sep. 2019, Analysis of Professional Development Priorities for College English Teachers Based on Requirements of Curriculum Teaching, Wuhan University Education Research, Wuhan University Press.

8. Sep. 2020, Comparative Analysis of Chinese and Western Folk Culture, Editor-in-Chief, Wuhan University Press.


Winner of Wuhan University Undergraduate Excellent Teaching Performance Award (2017 and 2020)