Dejun Fu

Doctor , Professor
Research: 离子注入与集成电路超浅结芯片、半导体光电子学、磁光谱与穆斯堡尔谱
Phone: 027-68752481-8015

Research interest:

  1. Ion implantation and application in microelectronics and optoelectronics.

  2. Mossbauer spectroscopy of FeAs-based superconductors and other Fe-containing materials. Magnetooptics of rare earth-doped compounds.

  3. Magnettoptical spectroscopy applicable for rare earth studies. 

  4. 2D materials and multi-bit memory devices.

Representative publications:

1. Dejun Fu, Uygun V. Valiev, Gary W. Burdick, Pavel E. Pyak, Interaction of Electromagnetic Radiation with Matter,专著 ISBN 978-7-03-056494-8, Science Press, Beijing (2018).

2.  Neena Devi, K. K. Kondamareddy, Han Bin, D. Z. Lu, P. Kumar, R. K. Dwivedi, V. O. Pelenovich, X. Z. Zhao, W. Gao, D. J. Fu, Enhanced visible light photodegradation activity of RhB/MB from aqueous solution using nanosized novel (Fe-Cd) co-modified ZnO, Scientific Reports 8 (2018) 10691.

3. X. M. Zeng, V. O. Pelenovich, C. S. Liu, D. J. Fu, Design and experimental testing of a gas cluster ion accelerator, Chin. Phys. C 41 (2017) 087003.

4. U. V. Valiev, D. N. Karimov, G. W. Burdick, R. Rakhimov, V. O. Pelenovich, D. J. Fu, Growth and magnetooptical properties of anisotropic TbF3 single crystals, J. Appl. Phys. 121 (2017) 243105.

5. W. B. Zuo, D. Neena, V. O. Pelenovich, Z. S. Wang, B. Han, N. Li, D. J. Fu, Synchrotron X-ray absorption and 57Fe Mossbauer spectroscopy studies of electronic structure of cobalt-doped SmFeAsO superconductors, Mater. Lett. 186 (2017) 158-160.

6. W. Wang, G. N. Panin, X. Fu, L. Zhang, P. Ilanchezhiyan, V. O. Pelenovich, D. J. Fu, T. W. Kang, MoS2 memristor with photoresistive switching, Scientific Reports 6 (2016) 31224.