Lina Zhang (female) is an Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Professor at College of Chemistry and Molecular Sciences in Wuhan University. She was graduated from Wuhan University in 1963. In 1985, she got JSPS research fellowship to study in Osaka University. She was elected Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2011. She has been invited as editorial board members for journals of CelluloseBioactive Carbohydrates and Dietary Fibre Journal of Applied Polymer Science as well as Act Polymerica Sinica etc. Professor Zhang has established the Natural Polymers and Polymer Physics group at Wuhan University in 1993. Since then she has been devoting herself to the fundamental research and applications including the structure, molecular size and chain conformation of cellulose, chitin, starch, alginate and soy protein, as well as fungi polysaccharides, and the properties and functions of the new materials from natural polymers.  Professor Zhang pioneered the development of low temperature technologies to dissolve the intransigent macromolecules such as cellulose, chitin, chitosan and polyaniline (PANI) in alkali/urea aqueous solvents that are non-toxic, low-cost and “green”.  Example for, cellulose pulp has been dissolved in a 7% NaOH/12% urea aqueous solution pre-cooled to -120C within 2 min. A new mechanism of the polymer dissolution at low-temperature through hydrogen-bonding self-assembly among the macromolecules and solvent molecules was proposed. Moreover, a series of novel materials were constructed directly from the cellulose solution, chitin solution, chitosan solution or PANI/cellulose solution dissolved at low temperature via physical regenerated methods, and their relationship of structure to properties was revealed. She has published 15 books and more than 510 papers in international journals, and her work has been cited over 10000 times. Because of her profound research achievements and illuminating scientific discoveries she was awarded the 2011 Anselme Payen Award of the American Chemical Society. She has been also awarded Second-place National Nature Science Prize of China (2012), First-place Nature Science Prize of Hubei Province(2005), First-place Technology Invention Prize of Hubei Province(2008), and Major Science and Technology award of Wuhan. She obtained over 100 patents, and was awarded for National Excellent Woman Inventor (2002). In the past ten years, she has been in charge of 20 projects, including “973” National program, “863” National project, major grants of National Natural Science Foundation of China, international collaboration projects. So far, 1 postdoctoral researcher (Indian), a total of 65 doctoral and more than 26 master students have graduated under her supervision. She has been invited as keynote speaker, invited speaker and presiding in international conferences as well as lecture in abroad for over 50 tomes. Being recognized by her excellent achievement, she was awarded "5.1" Medal as National Model Worker (2000).